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UGW Plugins [OpenOSRS] [Deprecated]

UGW Plugins [OpenOSRS] [Deprecated] 1.3

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Added the spec bar plugin, it will show the spec bar always. Don't have to wait for it to pop up when fast switching in PvP scenarios.
Updated the inferno plugin to support the Six Jad challenge!
OpenOSRS updated to v. 4 which broke alot. This includes the plugins along with a build pre v.4 of OpenOSRS that works great! Just make sure your plugins are installed and run OpenOSRS via the jar in this update. This update does not include any new features so if you're coming from v. 1.2 no need to replace plugins.
ToB Damage Counter was causing a issue, it's fixed!
- Fixed Birdhouse plugin. It starts up now.
- Fixed CoX Helper plugin. It starts up now.
- CoX prayers now highlight.
- Zulrah prayers now nighlught, if they did not before.