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UGW Old School RuneScape Community Client [RuneLite] [RuneLite] [Deprecated]

UGW Old School RuneScape Community Client [RuneLite] [RuneLite] [Deprecated] 3.7

No permission to download
Updated to latest RuneLite! Been working on integrating plugins with OpenOSRS still.
A RuneScape update was released, hence a new RuneLite version was released. So along with that, a few new features have been added and some updates.
  • Added Alchemical Hydra plugin (untested)
  • Menu Entry Swapper Extended
    • Updated construction cape left click options to support Teleport and Teleport To POH
    • Added crafting cape left click teleport
  • Added raid reloader from RuneLite plugins
  • Added banlist plugin from RuneLite plugins (WDR + RuneWatch)
  • Added never logout plugin (untested)
As always be on the lookout for any bugs, and please post them in the Bug Report section of the forum so we can get any issues ironed out.
When I created this resource I linked to the homepage until I get everything setup permission wise. Client is now uploaded and available for download to OS Premium members.