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UGW External Plugins [OpenOSRS]

UGW External Plugins [OpenOSRS] 2.0

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  • Updated and added plugins
    • Alchemical Hydra
    • Black Jack
    • Castle Wars Extended
    • Cerberus
    • Cox Helper
    • Effect Timers
    • Fight Cave
    • Gauntlet
    • Grotesque Guardians
    • Hydra
    • Inferno
    • Lizardmen Shaman
    • Loot Assist
    • Never Log Out
    • Nightmare
    • Sorceress Garden
    • Spec Bar
    • Stronghold of Security
    • Temple Trekking
    • Theatre
    • Wilderness Locations
Added and fixed hallowed sepulchre plugin.
- Added area of effect plugin.
- Removed play audio from zulrah plugin settings as it currently is broken.
With the update today the old client died. Cranked out some work today on getting these plugins up to date as they were some of the quicker ones. Please post any bugs or issues.

- Added Dagannoth Kings
- Added Demonic Gorillas
- Added Drop Party
- Added Environment Aid
- Added Kalphite Queen
- Added Multi Indicators
- Added No Area Effects
- Added Pray Against Player
- Added Vorkath