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UGW External Plugins [OpenOSRS]

UGW External Plugins [OpenOSRS] 2.1

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This is the latest version for the new OpenOSRS version. The old client just died with todays update (4/14/21). Features will be added, re-added, updated, and improved over time. These are all external, so you can download OpenOSRS from the official site, https://openosrs.com/, and after running it at least once, you can drop the plugins into the plugin folder. More directions on this are in the download.

I recommend you use the plugin hub to download the following plugins as well:

Quest Helper, Supplies Tracker, Essence Pouch, Loot Logger, Bats Locator, Collection Log
, Crab Stun Timers, Menu Entry Swapper Extended, Crab Solver, Skills Progress, Rune Watch, Spec Regen Timer, Improved Tears of Guthix, Marks of Grace Counter, Herb Sack Price Checker, Fossil Island, Hide Widgets.

  • Alchemical Hydra
    • Outline special attacks
    • Outline hydra when it has immunity.
    • Prayer overlay w/option to turn off during specials to help save prayer points.
  • Area of Effect Warnings
    • Display AoE projectile locations
      • To name a few: shamans, ice demon, galvek, olm bombs/crystals/lightning, demonic gorilla falling boulders, wintertodt snow fall, etc...
  • BA Minigame [Coming soon!]
    • All in one plugin for Barbarian Assault
  • Birdhouses
    • Toggle highlighting of stages
      • Defaults:
        • Red: No house built
        • Yellow: House built, but no seeds
        • Green: House built, and has seeds. Good to go
  • Black Jack
    • 1 click blackjacking.
  • Castle Wars Extended
    • Quick use, grab flag.
    • Display open tunnels/barricades.
    • Highlight underground rocks.
  • Cerberus
    • Guitar hero mode prayer flicking.
    • Show upcoming attacks.
    • Calculate what to pray for upcoming attacks based off equipment bonuses.
  • Cox Helper
    • Coming soon!
  • Dagannoth Kings
    • Display current attack style to pray against
  • Demonic Gorillas
    • Display current attack style to pray against
    • Display what attack style to use and how many attacks until it swaps
  • Drop Party
    • Displays where user ran with countdown timer until potential drops will show up.
  • Effect Timers
    • Coming soon!
  • Environmental Aid
    • Removes on-screen darkness in Zammy chamber.
    • Removes on-screen snow effect north of Trollheim & God Wars entrance.
    • Removes on-screen water effect when diving underwater.
    • Configures whether or not the barrows minimap is displayed.
  • Fight Cave
    • Display upcoming waves
    • Display prayers and countdown for flicks
  • Gauntlet
    • Track resources
    • Boss info
  • Grotesque Guardians
    • Guitar hero mode prayer flicking
    • Dusk tick counter
    • Outline when invulnerable
  • Hallowed Sepulchre
    • Display fire statue safe tiles, ticks until fire
    • Timers on spinning swords and when to run
    • Lightning paths
  • Hydra
    • Attack counter overlay
    • Prayer overlay/poison projectile overlay
  • Inferno
    • Guitar hero mode prayer flicker
    • Safe tiles
    • Keep track of ticks
    • Lots of options. Go get that cape!
    • 6 Jad support!
  • Kalphite Queen
    • Displays tick counter.
    • Toggle flash when vengeance can be casted.
  • Lizardmen Shaman
    • Overlay explosion tiles
  • Loot Assist
    • Mark tiles when players die, with a timer when potentional loot will show up.
  • Multi Indicators
    • Show wilderness level/teleport lines
    • Marks multi combat zones
    • Shows PvP safe zones in PvP and Deadman worlds
  • Never Log Out
    • Never log out of the game, afk level 99.
  • Nightmare
    • Prayer indicators
    • Husk/parasite indicator
    • Highlight totems, shadows, spores
  • No Area Effects
    • Brighten daeyalt essence mine.
    • Brighten raids lobby.
    • Brighten Tears of Guthix area.
  • Pray Against Player
    • Displays what to pray against the current player that is attacking you. Very useful when you can't see opponent or when you need to concentrate on pray flicking/eating to escape.
    • Toggle prayer icons highlighted in prayer book.
  • Sorceress Garden
    • Show stats/safe tiles
    • Show one-clicks
    • Highlight elementals
  • Spec Bar
    • Show spec bar always. Switch and pwn enemies!
  • Stronghold of Security
    • Highlight correct answers.
  • Temple Trekking
    • Bog map/show safe route thru bog.
  • Theatre
    • Good lord, so many options.
    • Indicators, attack helpers, line of sight helper, marks, tick timers, and more!
  • Vorkath
    • Indicates acid pools
    • Displays acid free paths
    • Shows woox walk tile
    • Indicate woox walk ticks
  • Whale Watchers
    • Coming soon! Working on a bug. :D
  • Wilderness Locations
    • Draw location names on map.
  • Zulrah
    • Show where to stand during phases, displays what to pray, current and next phase.
    • Toggle visibility of snakelings. You must have entity hider enabled. You don't need anything selected in entity hider, but it must be turned on.
    • Toggle prayer icons highlighted in prayer book.

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