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Recent content by Thor

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    UGW External Plugins [OpenOSRS] - Lots of plugins updated!

    Updated and added plugins Alchemical Hydra Black Jack Castle Wars Extended Cerberus Cox Helper Effect Timers Fight Cave Gauntlet Grotesque Guardians Hydra Inferno Lizardmen Shaman Loot Assist Never Log Out Nightmare Sorceress Garden Spec Bar Stronghold of Security Temple Trekking Theatre...
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    UGW External Plugins [OpenOSRS] - Hallowed Sepulchreplugin released

    Added and fixed hallowed sepulchre plugin.
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    UGW External Plugins [OpenOSRS] - Added plugin

    - Added area of effect plugin. - Removed play audio from zulrah plugin settings as it currently is broken.
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    UGW External Plugins [OpenOSRS] - UGW OpenOSRS External Plugins

    With the update today the old client died. Cranked out some work today on getting these plugins up to date as they were some of the quicker ones. Please post any bugs or issues. - Added Dagannoth Kings - Added Demonic Gorillas - Added Drop Party - Added Environment Aid - Added Kalphite Queen -...
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    UGW External Plugins [OpenOSRS] 2.0

    This is the latest version for the new OpenOSRS version. The old client just died with todays update (4/14/21). Features will be added, re-added, updated, and improved over time. These are all external, so you can download OpenOSRS from the official site, https://openosrs.com/, and after running...
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    Welcome! Thanks for joining!
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    UGW Plugins [OpenOSRS] [Deprecated] - Spec bar plugin added

    Added the spec bar plugin, it will show the spec bar always. Don't have to wait for it to pop up when fast switching in PvP scenarios.
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    UGW Plugins [OpenOSRS] [Deprecated] - Minor update to inferno plugin!

    Updated the inferno plugin to support the Six Jad challenge!
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    UGW Plugins [OpenOSRS] [Deprecated] - OpenOSRS Update Fix

    OpenOSRS updated to v. 4 which broke alot. This includes the plugins along with a build pre v.4 of OpenOSRS that works great! Just make sure your plugins are installed and run OpenOSRS via the jar in this update. This update does not include any new features so if you're coming from v. 1.2 no...
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    UGW Plugins [OpenOSRS] [Deprecated] - Fix

    ToB Damage Counter was causing a issue, it's fixed!
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    UGW Plugins [OpenOSRS] [Deprecated] - Bug Fixes

    - Fixed Birdhouse plugin. It starts up now. - Fixed CoX Helper plugin. It starts up now. - CoX prayers now highlight. - Zulrah prayers now nighlught, if they did not before.
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    UGW Plugins [OpenOSRS] [Deprecated] 1.3

    These are all the UGW OpenOSRS plugins available. How to install: 1. Make sure you have OpenOSRS 2. Download and unpack the rar file and place external manager into the .runelite folder. Also: Make sure you have Java JDK installed! List of Features Status Plugin Description ⦿...
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    Community Discord Server

    Click the icon to join! The community discord server has been created. Permanent invite link is in the footer of the page if you every need it as well. Primarily will be used for voice chat for group bossing, pking, etc. If you are looking to learn a boss or raids I or as people come that are...
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    UGW Old School RuneScape Community Client [RuneLite] [RuneLite] [Deprecated] - 3.7 Rel

    Updated to latest RuneLite! Been working on integrating plugins with OpenOSRS still.
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    UGW Old School RuneScape Community Client [RuneLite] [RuneLite] [Deprecated] - New plugins + latest RuneLite version

    A RuneScape update was released, hence a new RuneLite version was released. So along with that, a few new features have been added and some updates. Added Alchemical Hydra plugin (untested) Menu Entry Swapper Extended Updated construction cape left click options to support Teleport and...