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Community Announcements

Announcements regarding the community.
Click the icon to join! The community discord server has been created. Permanent invite link is in the footer of the page if you every need it as well. Primarily will be used for voice chat for group bossing, pking, etc. If you are looking to learn a boss or raids I or as people come that are willing to teach will be there and we will try to work out a time. Important updates will be posted there as well.
Today a new theme was launched for the community. The best part about it, is it customizable to your preference. You can access the customization menu via the navigation bar. On the right side there is a customize icon which will bring up the option panel. You can choose from a selection of different options to view the forum as you would like. There are also a variety of backgrounds to choose from.
It is 2021 folks and it has been decided that the site needed a refresh! Welcome to the new United Gamers Worldwide forum. Primarily we are a Old School RuneScape focused community but that doesn't mean we can't discuss other games as well, it's definitely encouraged. As we move into 2021 and get things up and running, feel free to contribute any ideas that you may have in the Suggestions section.