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    * Not my video

    Some things to take away from this video:


    Bayonet charging




    Vehicles (not driveable)

    Planes (Possibly scorestreak)

    Bomb scorestreak

    Scripted destructible environment

    Duel wielding

    I for one would appreciate not to see dedicated classes... ;(

    I will keep this thread updated as possible with all the latest confirmed information related to WW2 Nazi zombies.

    So far, Michael Condred, Studio Head and Co-Founder of Sledgehammer, claims that : "our co-operative mode delivers a unique storyline that's an all-new take on Nazi Zombies that we think fans are going to love." So the wo things to take away from this are: first, it will still be co-op, who would've thought; and second, the mention of an 'all-new' take on Nazi Zombies. And that it will still play a role in the story line of ww2.


    Congrats to Deafdan02 for winning! Here is the picking video!

    Giveaway winner will be chosen on December 25th 3:00PM Central Time. To enter just reply to this thread ONCE! I will make a video of me using to generate a number and that is how the winner will be decided. Merry Christmas, and may the odds ever be in your favor. :whistling:

    P.S. I'll be doing another giveaway of some GSKILL Trident X RAM 16gb. for new years as well.

    I have a few games in my steam inventory that I would like to give away, so if your interested in any below, lemme know. :)

    1x - Gun Monkeys

    1x - Half-Life 2
    2x - Trine 2: Complete Story Gift

    All Gone! Thread closed -

    Hello, welcome to the new forum! I thought it was time to give the site a face-lift for the upcoming year 2017. Unfortunately all data from the previous site has been lost, but that is OK. 8)